Authors A-Z


Banks, Tristan: Two Wolves

Betts, A.J.: Zac and Mia

Biancotti, Deborah: Zeroes

Brugman, Alyssa: Solo

Collins, Courtney: The Burial

Courtenay, Lucy: The Kiss

Davies, Paul: Challenge

Davis, Brooke: Lost and Found

Day, Livia: The Blackmail Blend

Delaney, Kaz: Dead, Actually, Almost Dead

Doyle, Trinity: Pieces of Sky

Falk, Nick: Tyrannosaurus in the Vege Patch

Ferris, Fleur: Risk

Forsyth, Kate: The Beast’s Garden

Goodman, Alison: Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club

Green, John: The Fault in Our Stars

Hornby, Gill: All Together Now

Lanagan, Margo: Zeroes

Lewis, Steve: The Marmalade Files

Lim, Rebecca: Afterlight

Lochel, Alison: Zarkora: The Fyrelit Tragedy

Lochel, Nicholas: Zarkora: The Fyrelit Tragedy

Marillier, Juliet: Shadowfell, Ravenflight,  Tower of Thorns

Maas, Sarah J: The Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass

Ness, Patrick: A Monster Calls

Nix, Garth: Clariel

Parrett, Favel: Past the Shallows

Slater, Sally: Paladin

Smith, Neil: Boo

Tozer, Gabrielle: The Intern

Uhlman, Chris: The Marmalade Files

Wendig, Chuck: The Heartland Trilogy 1. Under the Emypean Sky, 2. Blightborn  3. Harvest

Westerfeld, Scott: Zeroes

Wood, Fiona: Cloudwish

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