1. My shelves are over flowing with books I haven’t had the chance to read yet. I can’t help myself I keep buying more. I’d need to take 12 months off work and read for 12 hours straight each day to catch up. I look at my shelves and It stress me out because I want to read them all NOW!

    • Sheree

      I know the feeling! So much to read, so little time. If I’m not careful I can read right through my writing time – a big temptation. I found the concept of an anti-library a little freeing, though, because it’s obvious that I’ll always have lots of unread books on the shelves, and I realise that it’s actually okay. I want to read them all TODAY, but as that’s impossible, they’re all there, waiting for me, reminding me how much I don’t know, how much there is to know, and how impossible it is to even read as much fiction as I’d like. In the face of impossibility, I can only do the possible. ~sigh~ The possible I think I might be able to manage :)

  2. Fascinating! I thought I was just a hoarder, so I shed about half my collection last move, books are so heavy. I’ll keep my reading aspirations on goodreads for the next bit of future. I think I tend to purchase more than I can read because im afraid I will forget the titles of books that interest me.

  3. Sheree

    I get worried I’ll forget about books I want, too. Not an idle concern, because it’s happened too often. Now I either write them in a little notebook I carry in my handbag or on my phone, or if I come across them on the net I have a folder I save them to on my computer. Of course, there are so many on the various lists as well as physical books and ebooks to read, I’ve got at least the next 10 years covered. But there are all the wonderful new books coming out…

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