1. Urgh the star rating is so hard to do. The review website i write for has an existing star rating system and it seems simple but i spend a lot of time agonising over what my criteria is. I think its hard if you are a writer yourself and/or you know writers, you don’t want to apply something so crude to somebody’s creative pride and joy. I loosely give five to books i would recommend, and between three and four to books that do a lot of things right but didn’t seem complete or even or deep or fresh.

  2. Sheree

    Exactly! Crude is the right word for a five star system, and it feels like using a hammer to adjust a watch. It’s so difficult when you’re expected to use the system, so I figure on my own site I can happily ignore it :)

    • Sheree

      Exactly. Or sometimes you like the story but stumble over the writing, or it’s a good plot but the characters are a little thin. I think the only rating that’s easy is 5 stars when you think everything is brilliant – and of course, everyone can’t love every book.

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