1. Sarah, I wouldn’t normally read a book like this based on its blurb. Too depressing. The weird thing was that it wasn’t depressing at all. I was captivated, and really couldn’t put it down. Took me completely by surprise!

  2. fleurferris

    Hi Sheree,

    Thanks so much for reviewing Risk and posting it here on your blog. I really appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed it (I realise “enjoy” may not be exactly the right word when reading a story like Risk!).

    Kind regards,

    Fleur Ferris

  3. Sheree

    You’re more than welcome, Fleur. Like I said at the start of my review, I nearly went past it thinking it might be a bit heavier than I was looking for, but it was hard to pass up a YA Aussie debut. I was very impressed. If you’re ever interestedn(and have time) in a Q&A, let me know. My email address is up the top on the left :)

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