1. Anonymous

    More of a how-to on enjoying your reading experience:
    #1 Find a comfy place to read. Maybe a nice recliner or a hammock or a patch of sunshine or a bubble bath.
    #2 Eliminate interruptions. Remember; silence is golden but duct tape is silver.
    #3 Have a snack and a drink handy. Especially if you’re reading a book where the characters keep eating tasty things.
    #4 Same as #4 above. A dud book will only annoy and/or depress. Better an old fave than new nonsense.
    #5 Don’t read in public if you don’t want people to see you laugh, cry, smirk, squirm or enact long sequences
    #6 Don’t drop your book in the bubble bath. It ruins them.
    #7 Ditto for your e-reader, phone, tablet and laptop
    #8 Don’t read your book too fast. A) you might miss bits B) you’ll finish too soon and have nothing else to read.
    #9 When you’ve finished your book take time to reflect on it. Then go back and re-read the good bits.
    #10 If you love it, keep it. If not, recycle it for someone else to love.

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